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Monitoring an Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter for Phosphorus Capture from Agricultural Tile Drainage

Erickson, Andrew J.; Gulliver, John S.; Weiss, Peter T. (2017-06)

Phosphorus Release from Sediments in Lake Winona

Wang, Hong; Weiss, Peter T; Gulliver, John S. (University of Minnesota, 2009-02)

Quantifying wind‐wave energy on Minnesota Lakes

Herb, William; Janke, Ben; Stefan, Heinz (2016-07)

Wind Variability over a Small and Sheltered Lake: Trout Lake Field Study

Resseger, Emily L. (2013-02)
Wind is one of the most important, highly uncertain, and least investigated drivers of lake processes. In lake modeling, the wind over a lake is often estimated from point measurements at a remote weather station. Whether ...