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Project Reports  [596]

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Quantifying Wave Energy on Minnesota Lakes

Herb, William; Janke, Ben; Stefan, Heinz; Cai, Meijun; Johnson, Lucinda (2022-01)

Detecting phosphorus release from stormwater ponds to guide management and design

Janke, Benjamin D.; Natarajan, Poornima; Shrestha, Paliza; Taguchi, Vinicius T.; Finlay, Jacques C.; Gulliver, John S. (2021-01)

Biofiltration Media Optimization – Phase I Final Report

Erickson, Andrew J.; Kozarek, Jessica L.; Kramarczuk, Kathryn A.; Lewis, Laura (2021-01)

An Experimental and Numerical Study of Long-throated Flumes

Herb, William; Hernick, Matthew (2020-11)

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