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Chance baselines for INDSCAL's goodness-of-fit index
Dong, Hei-Ki (1985)

Chance baselines for INDSCAL's goodness-of-fit index


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For purposes of evaluating INDSCAL’s goodness-of-fit index (R₁), random data were generated for various combinations of N (the number of individuals), ranging from 3 to 30, and n (the number of stimuli), ranging from 10 to 40. Results from INDSCAL analyses of random data were then used to provide an easy-to-use equation for estimating the expected value of R₁ as a function N, n, and r (the number of dimensions). The equation was highly successful in predicting expected values of R₁ for random data, as indicated by a multiple correlation of .9965.

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other: doi:10.1177/014662168500900102

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Dong, Hei-Ki. (1985). Chance baselines for INDSCAL's goodness-of-fit index. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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