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Field Survey on Aquatic Environment and "Ayu" Habitat in Urban River

Higashino, Makoto; Takami, Tohru; Onitsuka, Kouki; Akiyama, Juichiro; Nagaya, Takayuki; Shiraishi, Yoshiki; Ohtsuka, Noriharu (2006)
Field measurements were performed to investigate "Ayu" habitat in the Gokase (Ose) river in Miyazaki. "Ayu" is famous and popular, and hence, one of the most important fish in Japan. There has been substantial river ...

Vortex Roll-Up from an Elliptic Wing at Moderately Low Reynolds Numbers

Higuchi, Hiroshi; Quadrelli, Jose C.; Farell, Cesar (AIAA Journal, 1987-12)
An experimental investigation of tip-vortex roll-up was undertaken at moderately low Reynolds numbers for an elliptic wing with a NACA 66_2 - 415 section. Flow visualization and laser Doppler velocimetry measurements were ...

Headrace Design Studies for the Jim Falls Hydro-Redevelopment Project

Stefan, Heinz G.; Voigt, Richard L. Jr.; Lindblom, Karen L. C.; Ainsworth, Bruce; Colgan, Patrick (St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 1987-08)
The 48 MW Jim Falls Hydropower Redevelopment project on the Chippewa River, Wisconsin, required extensive model studies to facilitate the debris sluicing and to prevent intermittent vortex formation in front of the powerhouse ...

Independent Turbine Testing and Research

Voigt, Richard L. Jr.; Gulliver, John S.; Wetzel, Joseph M.; Arndt, Roger E. A. (St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 1987-08)
The St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory (SAFHL) is presently upgrading their Turbine Test Facility. Completion of the upgrade, including checkout tests, is scheduled for Fall 1987. This paper will discuss the improvements ...

Jet Noise at Low Reynolds Numbers

Long, D.; Van Lent, T.; Arndt, R.E.A (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1981-10)
There is considerable interest in the question of whether coherent structures that govern the mixing process in turbulent jets also affect the radiation of acoustic energy. This study indicates that below a Reynolds number ...

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