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Congeneric modeling of reliability using censored variables
Brown, R. L. (1989)

Congeneric modeling of reliability using censored variables


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This paper explores the use of Jöreskog’s (1970) congeneric modeling approach to reliability using censored quantitative variables, and discusses the compound problem of non-normality and attenuation that occurs when estimating censored continuous variables. Two monte carlo studies were conducted. The first study demonstrated the inappropriateness of using normal theory generalized least-squares (NTGLS) for estimating reliability on censored variables. The second study compared three different estimation procedures- NTGLS, asymptotically distribution free (ADF) estimators, and latent TOBIT estimators-as to their efficiency in estimating individual and composite reliability on censored variables. Results from the studies indicate that problems of non-normality and attenuation must be addressed before accurate reliability estimates may be obtained. Index terms: censored variables, congeneric model, covariance modeling, monte carlo study, reliability, TOBIT correlations.

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