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Kristen L. Mastel  [6]

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Creating Fantastic Gardening Kits

Mastel, Kristen; Gaither, Renoir (Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries, 2020)

Drawers, Shelves, and Boxes Full of Data: Status of Analog Life Sciences Data and Solutions for the Future

Farrell, Shannon L.; Kelly, Julie; Mastel, Kristen L. (2019-06-23)

Considering Outreach Assessment: Strategies, Sample Scenarios, and a Call to Action

Farrell, Shannon; Mastel, Kristen (In the Library with the Lead Pipe, 2016-05-04)
How do we measure the impact of our outreach programming? While there is a lot of information about successful outreach activities in the library literature, there is far less documentation of assessment strategies. There ...

Ma and the Charlotte Partridge Ordway Japanese Garden: A Reflection of Space, Time and Place

Mastel, Kristen (2016-08)
“Ma” is a Japanese philosophy that combines space, time, and place that provides a mechanism to understand Japanese garden aesthetics. The medium of papercutting is used to explore the concept of “ma” using the subject of ...

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