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Adjustments for rater effects in performance assessment

Houston, Walter M.; Raymond, Mark R.; Svec, Joseph C. (1991)
Alternative methods to correct for rater leniency/stringency effects (i.e., rater bias) in performance ratings were investigated. Rater bias effects are of concern when candidates are evaluated by different raters. The ...

A comparison of bivariate smoothing methods in common-item equipercentile equating

Hanson, Bradley A. (1991)
The effectiveness of smoothing the bivariate distributions of common and noncommon item scores in the frequency estimation method of common-item equipercentile equating was examined. The mean squared error of equating ...

The use of prior distributions in marginalized Bayesian item parameter estimation: A didactic

Harwell, Michael R.; Baker, Frank B. (1991)
The marginal maximum likelihood estimation (MMLE) procedure (Bock & Lieberman, 1970; Bock & Aitkin, 1981) has led to advances in the estimation of item parameters in item response theory. Mislevy (1986) extended this ...

The discriminating power of items that measure more than one dimension

Reckase, Mark D.; McKinley, Robert L. (1991)
Determining a correct response to many test items frequently requires more than one ability. This paper describes the characteristics of items of this type by proposing generalizations of the item response theory ...

Influence of the criterion variable on the identification of differentially functioning test items using the Mantel-Haenszel statistic

Clauser, Brian E.; Mazor, Kathleen; Hambleton, Ronald K. (1991)
This study investigated the effectiveness of the Mantel-Haenszel (MH) statistic in detecting differentially functioning (DIF) test items when the internal criterion was varied. Using a dataset from a statewide ...