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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 12, 1988  [34]

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Louis Guttman 1916-1987

Unknown author (1988)

An iterative procedure for linking metrics and assessing item bias in item response theory

Candell, Gregory L.; Drasgow, Fritz (1988)
The presence of biased items may seriously affect methods used to link metrics in item response theory. An iterative procedure designed to minimize this methodological problem was examined in a monte carlo investigation ...

Set correlation and contingency tables

Cohen, Jacob (1988)
Set correlation is a realization of the general multivariate linear model, can be viewed as a multivariate generalization of multiple correlation analysis, and may be employed in the analysis of multivariate data in ...

An alternative procedure for assessing convergent and discriminant validity

Lehmann, Donald R. (1988)
This paper presents a simple procedure for establishing convergent and discriminant validity. The method uses ordinary least-squares regression (OLS) with the correlations between measures as the dependent variable. ...

Measuring attitudes with a threshold model drawing on a traditional scaling concept

Rost, Jürgen (1988)
This paper presents a generalized Rasch model for measuring attitudes which is based on the concepts of Thurstone’s method of successive intervals. The model combines the rating scale and the dispersion model proposed ...

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