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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 11, 1987  [28]

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Power and robustness in product-moment correlation

Fowler, Robert L. (1987)
The power of statistical tests based on four popular product-moment correlation coefficients was examined when relatively small samples (10 ≤ N ≤ 100) are drawn from bivariate populations of several different distributional ...

A stochastic three-way unfolding model for asymmetric binary data

DeSarbo, Wayne S.; Lehmann, Donald R.; Holbrook, Morris B.; Havlena, William J.; Gupta, Sunil (1987)
This paper presents a new stochastic three-way unfolding method designed to analyze asymmetric three-way, two-mode binary data. As in the metric three-way unfolding models presented by DeSarbo (1978) and by DeSarbo and ...

Open-ended versus multiple-choice response formats--it does make a difference for diagnostic purposes

Birenbaum, Menucha; Tatsuoka, Kikumi K. (1987)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of response format—open-ended (OE) versus multiple-choice (MC)—on the diagnosis of examinee misconceptions in a procedural task. A test in fraction addition ...

Effects of variations in item step values on item and test information in the partial credit model

Dodd, Barbara G.; Koch, William R. (1987)
Simulated data were used to investigate systematically the impact of various orderings of step difficulties on the distribution of item information for the partial credit model. It was found that the distribution ...

Methodology review: Clustering methods

Milligan, Glenn W.; Cooper, Martha C. (1987)
A review of clustering methodology is presented, with emphasis on algorithm performance and the resulting implications for applied research. After an overview of the clustering literature, the clustering process is ...

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