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Item banking in computer-based instructional systems
Baker, Frank B. (1986)

Item banking in computer-based instructional systems


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This paper examines item banking within computer-based instructional systems from both a systems and a measurement perspective. Traditionally, computer-aided instruction involves little testing, although there is a trend to incorporate posttests in the sessions. However, computer-managed instruction has incorporated testing since its inception. The tests employed are similar in most respects to teacher-made classroom tests. The test results are used as the basis for diagnosis, prescription, and management procedures for individual or small groups of students. At the classroom level, test banking may be more appropriate than item banking. Because of the tight linkage of the tests to instructional procedures, the basic measurement issue appears to be the degree to which the approaches evolved from standardized achievement testing can be applied to the large number of short tests employed in computer-based instructional systems.

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other: doi:10.1177/014662168601000408

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Baker, Frank B. (1986). Item banking in computer-based instructional systems. Applied Psychological Measurement, 10, 405-414. doi:10.1177/014662168601000408

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