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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 10, 1986  [33]

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The changing conception of measurement: A commentary

Hambleton, Ronald K. (1986)
This paper comments on the contributions to this special issue on item banking. An historical framework for viewing the papers is provided by brief reviews of the literature in the areas of item response theory, item ...

Development of a testing service system

Van Thiel, Catharina C.; Zwarts, Michel A. (1986)
The development of an integrated system for the storage of items and the construction and analysis of tests is described. The system is being developed both as a general facility for the Dutch Institute of Educational ...

Some applications of optimization algorithms in test design and adaptive testing

Theunissen, T. J. J. M. (1986)
Some test design problems can be seen as combinatorial optimization problems. Several suggestions are presented, with various possible applications. Results obtained thus far are promising; the methods suggested can ...

Item banking in computer-based instructional systems

Baker, Frank B. (1986)
This paper examines item banking within computer-based instructional systems from both a systems and a measurement perspective. Traditionally, computer-aided instruction involves little testing, although there is a ...

Rule-based item bank construction and evaluation within the linear logistic framework

Hornke, Lutz F.; Habon, Michael W. (1986)
In cognition research, item writing rules are considered a necessary prerequisite of item banking. A set of 636 items was constructed using prespecified cognitive operations. An evaluation of test data from some 7,400 ...

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