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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 07, 1983  [38]

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Restriction of range corrections when both distribution and selection assumptions are violated

Gross, Alan L.; Fleischman, Lynn E. (1983)
In validating a selection test (x) as a predictor of y, an incomplete xy data set must often be dealt with. A well-known correction formula is available for estimating the xy correlation in some total group using the xy ...

True score equating by Fixed b's scaling: A flexible and stable equating alternative

Hicks, Marilyn M. (1983)
Six methods of equating The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test scores were evaluated in terms of scale stability. True score item response theory (IRT) equating based on "Fixed b’s" scaling, the current ...

The cost of dichotomization

Cohen, Jacob (1983)
Assuming bivariate normality with correlation r, dichotomizing one variable at the mean results in the reduction in variance accounted for to .647r²; and dichotomizing both at the mean, to .405r². These losses, in turn, ...

Multidimensional scaling research in vocational psychology

Rounds, James B., Jr.; Zevon, Michael A. (1983)
This review summarizes and evaluates the use of multidimensional scaling in vocational psychology. Multidimensional scaling applications are found in two primary areas: vocational interests and occupational perceptions. ...

Applications of multidimensional scaling in cognitive psychology

Shoben, Edward J. (1983)
Cognitive psychology has used multidimensional scaling (and related procedures) in a wide variety of ways. This paper examines some straightforward applications, and also some applications where the explanation of the ...

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