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Climate change, Covid-19, and Environmental Injustice: Understanding the Root Causes and Connections

Badithela, Athreyi S (2021-07-28)
It is speculated that there is a link between climate change, covid-19 and environmental injustice, three of the major problems the world presently faces. This paper explores that link and examines ways that understanding ...

“I’m Seeing My Liberation Right Now”: Episode 1 of Transcripts: A Podcast from the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota Libraries

Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies; Tretter Transgender Oral History Project; Adair, Cassius; Beam, Myrl; Jenkins, Andrea (Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota, 2020-06)
Even though transgender-themed TV shows like Transparent and Pose have achieved mainstream popularity, trans people still face huge barriers to employment, housing, and safety. In fact, many trans people of color say that ...

Climate Change, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Environmental Injustice: Understanding the Root Causes and Interactions

Izar Helfenstein Fonseca, Luisa (2021-07-28)
The following article outlines the findings of a University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Program whose purpose was to determine the connections and intersections between three of the biggest threats to human health ...

Characterization of Stormwater Particle Size Distribution and Sediment Concentrations through Evaluation of Manhole Sumps with SHSAM

Chapman, John A; Forman, M. Rebecca (2020-03)
Urban stormwater runoff contains sediment which pollutes water resources. Manhole sump structures have been constructed in many cities to capture the sediment material, but removal of the captured sediment has to be done ...

Voice to Vision XVII: We're Also Part of the Making of the Western World

Child, Brenda; Premo, Steve; McNamara, Benay; Feinberg, David; Andrews, Beth; Luskey, Reid; Menendez, Adolfo; Suhon, Stefanie; Feinberg, Joey (Voice to Vision, 2021)
2021. Mixed media construction. 31"w x 32"h x 5"d