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    2021 Midwest Broccoli Trial Results
    (2021-12-17) Hoidal, Natalie, M; Rohwer, Charlie; Enjalbert, Nicolas
    We conducted a replicated broccoli trial at the Southern Research and Outreach Center (SROC) in Waseca, Minnesota, where we inoculated plots with black rot (Xanthamonas campestris pv. campestris). We also partnered with 80 farmers and gardeners to conduct mini trials at their farms. (Figure 1). Our goal was to screen for varieties of broccoli with tolerance to the pathogens black rot (Xcc) and Alternaria (Alternaria brassicicola). This report outlines preliminary results from the trials. Due to the hot, dry summer in the Midwest, disease pressure was minimal, particularly in the early planting.
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    Tree Trials Southern Experiment Station, University of Minnesota Waseca, Minnesota, 1927-1961
    (University of Minnesota, Southern Experiment Station, Waseca, Minnesota, 1965) University of Minnesota, Southern Experiment Station (Waseca, MN); Hodgson, R.E.