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    Future of the Old Auditorium Adaptive Reuse Plan
    (2019-11) Singh, Virajita; Leong, Kenos; Whittaker, Meighan
    This research project supported a community effort with the Pennington County Old Auditorium Committee and other partners in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, to develop a conceptual plan for the future of an existing historic auditorium building that can support local economic vitality, provide a multiuse community center and cultural destination of the region, and demonstrate sustainable community resilience within the local community. This project included: 1) case study research on similar buildings and projects, regionally, nationally, and internationally; 2) community meetings and an engagement workshop to gather community input; and 3) a set of architectural drawings documenting the project’s development and the final proposed design of the old auditorium.
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    Roseau River Water Trail Masterplan
    (2018-08) Singh, Virajita; Olson, Miranda
    The Roseau River Water Trail Masterplan proposes designs for six sites that were selected along the Roseau River that are significant in terms of access and use of the Roseau River at the following specific locations: Hayes Lake State Park, Malung Town Hall, City Park, City Center, Stoe’s Bridge and Ross Town Hall.
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    Ellen Hopkins Elementary School: Nature Based Play Space
    (2016-06-30) Thill, Alexander; Singh, Virajita; Kulman Brigham, Jonee
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    Southwest Hmong Community Center: Tsev Nqeeb on the Prairie Master Plan
    (2018-07) Singh, Virajita; Chang, Xin
    The Southwest Hmong Community Center (SWHCC) is a community-driven project led by Project Uniting Southwest Hmong (PUSH) in the city of Tracy, the city of Walnut Grove, and surrounding areas of Southwest Minnesota. The project focused on a site with existing buildings in the city of Tracy, and developed a master plan that meets community needs, including a community gathering space, a cultural museum, a renovated greenhouse, a new cold climate winter greenhouse, and areas for food growing and community gardens. The research and participatory design process documented in this report, conducted from February 2018 to June 2018, was facilitated by the Design for Community Resilience program at the Center for Sustainable Building Research, College of Design, University of Minnesota Twin Cities. It was funded by the Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (SWRSDP), Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and Project Uniting Southwest Hmong (PUSH).
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    National Loon Center Masterplan
    (2018-02) Singh, Virajita; Polacek, Joe
    The National Loon Center (NLC) is a community-driven project led by the National Loon Center Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, and its many partners in Crosslake and the Whitefish Chain of Lakes area. The project focuses on loons and their unique relationship with the shared freshwater ecosystem in the area, fish and wildlife management, environmental stewardship, trails, tourism, recreation, education, and long-term sustainability. This report and masterplan is the result of a research and community participatory design process conducted from August to January 2017.
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    Thief River Falls: New Vision for Downtown, Community Masterplan
    (2017-10) Singh, Virajita; Polacek, Joe
    The Thief River Falls Downtown Development Association was formed in 2015 for the purpose of revitalizing the downtown community to support current businesses and to encourage new business development. The “New Vision for Downtown Thief River Falls” project developed a master plan of the downtown with the goal of creating a unified, welcoming environment. Recommendations include pedestrian-friendly street crossings, greenery, updating storefronts, purchasing new light poles and signage.
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    Healthy Foods Healthy Lives Project Sweetie Pie-Camden Greenhouse Project
    (2015) Singh, Virajita; Thill, Alexander; Handeen, Daniel