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Perspectives is the podcast of the Public Health Review. This podcast brings to you a series of conversations on a wide variety of public health topics, providing you with perspectives on pertinent public health issues from the community, academic, and professional fields.

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    Season 5, Episode 3: Human - Animal Relationship 2023
    (2023-10-10) Olinger, Mariah; Davis, Amanda; Bernstein, Lauren
    What do our pets mean for our health? How does the care of our pets affect and reflect the health of our communities? For this episode, we discussed the impact of human and companion animal relationships with several guests: veterinarian and Assistant Professor of Community Medicine in the Department of Veterinary Clinicals Sciences Lauren Bernstein, member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians and Vice President of the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute, Cassandra Holmes (Niiwin Muck-Wa Ikwe – Four Bears Woman), Professor in the School of Public Health’s Division of Epidemiology and Community Health Dr. Pam Schreiner, and Deb Barker, who is a life-long animal lover with decades of animal training experience. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into the nature of our relationships with our pets through the lens of health. UPDATE: VeTouch is moving locations beginning at the Nov. 5th clinic to 25th and Minnehaha, a pet food shelf called People and Pets Together. Dr Bernstein wanted to share this resource with our listeners in case there is any interest in volunteering at a future clinic or need services for their pets.
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    Season 5, Episode 2: Obesity Research And Weight Stigma
    (2023-06-09) Olinger, Mariah; Davis, Amanda; Sherwin, Diane
    Health research related to weight and the idea of obesity is a frequent topic in the news. Just recently, we’ve been hearing about the diabetes medication Ozempic being used for weight loss and that the American Academy of Pediatrics revised their guidelines for treating children diagnosed with obesity to include weight loss medications and potentially surgery starting at age 13. Obesity and weight loss research is a complex and sometimes emotionally difficult topic and we wanted to try to look at it from multiple viewpoints to get a fuller picture of the research being done and how it’s shaping healthcare. So, for this show, we talked to a recent graduate from the Master's of Public Health program about her experiences in fat activism and research in the fat community, and we also spoke to a professor and researcher from the School of Public Health who focuses on weight-related health. The following organizations were mentioned in this show: The Radical Health Alliance, Cake Plus-Size Resale, National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, and the Association for Size Diversity and Health.
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    Season 5, Episode 1: 2023 Final Episode 1: Introduction To The 2023 PHR Board
    (2023-05-05) Olinger, Mariah; Davis, Amanda
    Meet the new Public Health Review Board! Welcome to Season 5 of Perspectives from your new podcast editors, Mariah and Amanda! We thought we would take this episode to briefly introduce ourselves and also give you a chance to hear from the print editorial team members who are currently working on the next issue of the Public Health Review. We are coming to this from a variety of disciplines, including epidemiology, medicine, nursing, and, of course, public health. All of us share an interest in health equity, which we each took a few minutes to discuss in this introductory episode of Season 5.
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    Season 4, Episode 10: BONUS EPISODE! - All About Abortion with Jill Collins, MPH
    (2023-03-13) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Collins, Jill
    Surprise! Bonus episode! In this episode I chat with Jill Collins, a graduate from the University of Minnesota Master of Public Health program, about abortion. Jill sees the importance of conversation and the value of highlighting topics from a public health perspective, and she gracefully incorporates both into her work as an abortion patient advocate and middle school sex educator. Jill walks us through the conversation of abortion, explaining what it is, what common misconceptions are, what happens when someone cannot access it, how to talk about it in a classroom setting, and how we can work together to protect and expand access. We put together a list of resources--tools, clinics, donation pages, and legislative updates in Minnesota that have happened since this episode was originally recorded--make sure to check those out. Thank you again to all of our listeners for joining us on another season of the Perspectives podcast! -H
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    Season 4, Episode 9: Season Finale - The Future of Public Health Education with Dr. Rebecca Wurtz
    (2023-02-09) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Wurtz, Rebecca
    This episode features an engaging discussion about current public health education as well as what public health education will look like as our world continues evolving. Haley and Sophie are joined by Rebecca Wurtz, MD, MPH, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Director of Executive Public Health Administration & Policy Program, and one of the faculty that helped found this podcast! Thank you to all of our listeners for joining us on another season of the Perspectives podcast! It has been a pleasure learning with all of you. --S & H Resources: UMN Master of Public Health Program (; UMN Undergraduate Public Health Major (
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    Season 4, Episode 8: The Future of Eldercare with Megan Zimmerman
    (2022-10-18) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Zimmerman, Megan
    This episode features Megan Zimmerman, a leader within the Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging’s project to establish Dementia Friendly Communities - she has done work across the state of Iowa and is also currently working towards her master’s degree in gerontology. In this episode Megan and Sophie talk about combating ageism, what the future of care may look like, and the role of the care continuum in improving quality of life for older adults. Resources: Trellis is a large resource for gerontology in Minnesota, they house the MN state dementia friendly initiatives Dementia-Friendly Community Initiatives (; Dementia Friendly Iowa is the organization that Megan Zimmerman works for (; Family Resources through LeadingAge Minnesota can help identify needs and options for older adults and caregivers (
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    Season 4, Episode 7: Bone Marrow Transplants & Be the Match with Dr. Heather Stefanski
    (2022-08-23) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Stefanski, Heather
    This episode features Heather Stefanski, MD, PhD, a pediatric blood and marrow transplant (BMT) physician who’s worked specifically on improving the post-transplant wellness of child and young adult BMT patients. Dr. Stefanski worked as a physician with M Health Fairview Pediatric Specialty Clinic and as an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School in the Department of Pediatrics and the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Center. Recently she pivoted to become the Vice President of Medical Services for Be the Match, a non-profit focused on expanding access to life-saving treatments for patients in need of bone marrow and stem cell transplants. In this episode we discuss the realities of bone marrow transplants, as well as the hope we have in the future for improved treatments, technologies, and quality of life for patients, in addition to the continual need for people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry as donors. Resources:,,
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    Season 4, Episode 6: Paternal Health & Male Involvement in Birth Work with William Moore
    (2022-06-28) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Moore, William
    This episode features certified perinatal educator, doula, and lactation consultant William Moore. William is passionate about improving early childhood health and birthing conditions for entire families, including increasing male involvement in family life and health equity work. Resources: Connect with William Moore on LinkedIn (; Contact William Moore if you would like resources specific to getting involved in birth work (
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    Season 4, Episode 5: Sleep and the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study with Dr. Erika Hagen and Dr. Paul Peppard
    (2022-06-06) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Peppard, Paul; Hagen, Erika
    In this episode we discuss with researchers, Dr. Paul Peppard and Dr. Erika Hagen, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, who specifically work on a decades long cohort study focused on sleep. We discuss some of their most notable research findings in addition to the importance of sleep and how students and others may be able to get involved in this work. Resources: National Sleep Research Resource (; Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study (
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    Season 4, Episode 4: Holistic Healing with Lauren Roberts from the Thriving Initiative
    (2022-05-27) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Roberts, Lauren
    Lauren Roberts is the executive director and founder of the Thriving Initiative, an organization focused on holistic healing for survivors of interpersonal violence. In this episode we discuss how the Thriving Initiative began as a college project and then became its own non-profit organization, actively working to increase the accessibility of community-led, long-term healing programs for survivors. We also discuss how to support survivors or to access resources as a survivor. Resources: RAINN (, phone: 1-800-656-4673); The Thriving Initiative (; 24/7 lifeline, not just for emergencies also available National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (, phone: 1-800-273-8255); National Domestic Violence Hotline (, phone: 1-800-799-7233, or text "START" to 88788)
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    Season 4, Episode 3: Eating Disorders and Eating Disorder Research with Chassidie Liu
    (2022-04-29) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Liu, Chassidie
    This episode features Chassidie Liu, a UC Santa Barbara Psychology graduate, and current research coordinator at the University of Minnesota. Chassidie has worked in numerous roles in eating disorder treatment and research, and currently coordinates multiple research projects related to improving eating disorder clinical practice. Learn more about her work and opportunities to get involved through watching this latest episode. Eating Disorder Research Resources: The Emily Program (; Around the Dinner Table is a resource of parents and caregivers of patients struggling with eating disorders (; Beating Eating Disorders (B-eat), is a UK-based website that provides additional resources and information about eating disorders and treatment (; National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), is a non-profit organization that provides support to patients and families affected by eating disorders (; Learn about volunteering for Eating Disorder research at the University of Minnesota (
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    Season 4, Episode 2: Vaccine Equity with Marali Singaraju
    (2022-04-22) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Singaraiu, Marali
    This week’s Perspectives podcast features Marali Singaraju, a second-year MPH student who discusses vaccine equity as an integral component of pandemic response and vaccine distribution. Marali has been active in the pandemic response through working at the Minnesota Department of Health, at, and for the International Working Group of Health Systems Strengthening (IWG). Resources: The International Working Group for Health Systems Strengthening (IWG)’s Youth Led Demand for Vaccine Equity (; #NoJudgment Campaign (; Learn more about vaccine equity through the WHO (; Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice (
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    Season 4, Episode 1: Housing Stability and Eviction Mediation with Joanne Lipo Zovic
    (2022-04-22) Zielke, Sophia; Lipo Zovic, Haley; Lipo Zovic, Joanne
    In this episode we chat with Joanne Lipo Zovic, a professor, attorney, and eviction mediator about housing stability and eviction mediation. Resources: Mediate Milwaukee (; “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond (; Tenant Resource Center (; Volunteer Opportunities with the Tenant Resource Center (
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    Season 3, Episode 7: Student Highlights: Yasmin Odowa
    (2021-12-19) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Odowa, Yasmin
    This episode features University of Minnesota public health graduate student Yasmin Odowa. She discusses her experiencing in infectious disease and learning to trust your gut.
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    Season 3, Episode 6: Student Highlights: Eric Clemensen
    (2021-12-18) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Clemensen, Eric
    This episode features University of Minnesota public health graduate student Eric Clemensen, who discusses the public health crisis of substance use disorders and the associated stigma.
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    Season 3, Episode 5: Student Highlights: Kelli Hirt
    (2021-12-04) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Hirt, Kelli
    This episode features recent University of Minnesota public health graduate Kelli Hirt. She discusses the power of food on health, and works to address structural racism in our food system.
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    Season 3, Episode 4: Racism as a Public Health Threat: Zachary Hylton
    (2021-09-25) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Hylton, Zachary
    This episode on Racism as a Public Health Threat features Senior Policy Analyst at the Ramsey County Manger's Office, Zachary Hylton. He discusses challenges of health equity implementation nationwide and in a federally qualified health center in the Twin Cities, where he serves as the board chair.
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    Season 3, Episode 3: Racism as a Public Health Threat: Dr. Artika R. Tyner
    (2021-09-04) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Tyner, Artika R.
    This episode on Racism as a Public Health Threat features Law Professor and Founding Director of the Center on Race, Leadership and Social Justice at Saint Thomas University, Dr. Artika R. Tyner. She discusses health disparities, the impact of racism, and insights for how to be a leader in creating meaningful change. Start following the discussion about racism in health care and race-based medicine with these resources:;;;
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    Season 3, Episode 2: Public Health Leadership: Claire Chang
    (2021-05-15) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Chang, Claire
    This episode on Public Health leadership features Senior Program Officer at BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of Minnesota, Claire Chang. She shares her leadership and public health journey with us, focusing on cultural centering.
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    Season 3, Episode 1: Public Health Leadership: Kee Vang
    (2021-05-01) Turbes, Madeline; Yang, Chao; Vang, Kee
    This episode on Public Health leadership features Divisional Manager for Healthy Communities Kee Vang. He shares his leadership journey starting from his youth, and tips for being an effective leader.