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The Campus Climate Response Team was created to respond to issues or incidents that degrade or threaten the campus climate and that require a response beyond that provided by established processes. It reports to the UMD Chancellor, and its responsibilities include developing and facilitating the implementation of a timely and appropriate response to a campus climate incident. In order to come up with a response, the CCRT will evaluate and analyze an incident, coordinate a “real time” response, and involve all critical parties and/or stakeholders. The team will coordinate communication with the campus, public, media, etc. in a timely manner by receiving data from other processes and offices that also respond to campus climate incidents.

The CCRT will conduct regular reviews of the data to analyze how incidents are handled on campus and to identify trends and patterns occurring over time. The reports summarizing the data are found below. It also will provide regular reports summarizing campus climate incidents to the campus in order to ensure transparency. In addition, the CCRT will design and recommend strategies to improve responses to issues and incidents and addresses outcomes of data analyses. This includes recommendations for programming, education and other proactive approaches.

For more information, see the Campus Climate Response Team website.

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