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    Small UAV Position and Attitude, Raw Sensor, and Aerial Imagery Data Collected over Farm Field with Surveyed Markers
    (2015-02-25) Mokhtarzadeh, Hamid; Colten, Todd;; Mokhtarzadeh, Hamid
    Imagery and sensor data from a commercial small Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle flown over an agriculture field on the morning of October 22, 2014 have been logged and documented. The field includes 16 surveyed ground control points laid out in a 4x4 square serving as known ground control points. This data set serves to study both challenges and opportunities of UAV-based remote sensing for precision agriculture applications. The raw sensor data can be used for navigation system design and analysis. The imagery and logged aircraft state can be used for image processing as well as remote sensing analysis. It is being shared to served as a documented data set for testing new concepts and ideas.