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This podcast celebrates the artistic achievements of the University of Minnesota's undergraduate students. Contributors to the current edition of THE TOWER magazine read their poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Visual art is featured on our website, and student artists discuss their process. Winners of the ArtWords contest sponsored by the Weisman Art Museum also read their pieces. The podcast is hosted by the editors of THE TOWER magazine.

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    The Tower’s History
    (2023-04-07) Bastounes, Bean; Cihlar, Jim
    Have you ever wondered about the history of our publication? Well, you're in luck! In this episode, we look to the past and then have a conversation with Jim Cihlar, the heart of The Tower. We hope you enjoy! Find us on social media @thetowerumn
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    The Tower - An Introduction to Patchwork
    (2022-11-28) Bastounes, Bean; Horner, Sarah; Bellefuille, Maci; Anderson, Katie
    Bee hosts fellow Tower staff Sarah Horner, Maci Bellefeuille, and Katie Anderson for a conversation about The Tower's 2022-23 theme 'Patchwork.' In this episode, there is an exploration of what inspires patchwork, the connotation it holds, the magazine being open nationally for submissions, and what the editors want you to know. Submissions for this year's print magazine close November 30th, 2022. Submit at
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    Let's Talk About Sex
    (2021-06-04) Krutsch, Andie; Fritz Lawrence, Trinity
    Trinity Fritz Lawrence gives us an inside look into the development of her recently published poem, "SBF, or Why I Am No Longer Discussing Sex with Straight People." She talks with The Tower's very own, Andie Krutsch, about how she uses humor to combat society's heterosexual definitions of sex and what is next for her writing.
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    Before "After the Onion Skins Have Dried"
    (2021-06-01) Schmitz, Paxton; Schumacher, Miki
    Miki Schumacher reads their recently published poem "After the Onion Skins Have Dried" and gives us an inside look into its development.
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    Quynh's Garden
    (2021-05-17) Morrell, Lydia; Van, Quynh
    Quynh Van reads an original work of fiction, provides insight into their experiences as a child of an immigrant, and discusses the exploration into different forms of the written word.
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    Who is "Jason with a hangover"?
    (2021-05-05) Boyer, Lauren; Shaterian, Barbara
    Catch our first interview with 2021 Tower artist, Barbara Shaterian. Listen for an inside look into their passion for photography and what that passion has looked like throughout their lifetime.
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    Pop or Poetry?
    (2021-03-10) Tynjala, Cate; Ayers, Geoff
    Geoff Ayers, author of Lo-Fi/ Hip-Hop Office from The Tower's 2020 issue, discusses the art of writing poetry and the connection between music & literature through the ages.
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    A Reading of "Vandals"
    (2021-01-11) Morrell, Lydia; Heilman, Emily
    Emily Heilman gives us a behind the scenes look into her published short story "Vandals," her unique creative process, and what the future may hold for her writing.
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    Immortal Sculptures
    (2020-12-16) Richmond, Marley; Thelke, Beth
    Catch our interview with Beth Thelke where she discusses digitally immortalizing her sculptures for her BFA exhibition in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, creating a home garage studio, and what the future holds for her artistic expression during a pandemic. Check out more of her work at @beeferoni on Instagram.
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    Oil Painting in a Pandemic
    (2020-12-05) Stein, Haily; Bedon, Gabriela Sierra
    Listen to our interview with Gabriela Sierra Bedon where she discusses her 2020 submission “Clouds,” her current portrait series, and mindfulness. Check out more of her work @munaycreations on Instagram!
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    The Tower 2020: Fiction
    (2020-04-28) The Tower: The University of Minnesota's Art and Literary Magazine
    As Fiction Editors, we’re fascinated by the unusual, the subversive, and the revelatory. In hopes of pushing new dialogues, we’re interested in the stories that make us question ourselves and the unspoken rules around us." - Annie Zheng, Chief Fiction Editor, Marketing Director
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    The Tower 2020: Nonfiction
    (2020-04-23) The Tower: The University of Minnesota's Art and Literary Magazine
    As the Nonfiction Editors of The Tower, we’re excited to share students’ personal narratives, reflections, and experiences. For the 2020 edition, we have focused on pieces that delve into concepts that are typically left unexplored. We love to hear stories that tie unique experiences to a greater significance or universal truth." -Jessica Herbst, Chief Nonfiction Editor, Publicist, Copyeditor
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    The Tower 2020: Poetry
    (2020-04-22) The Tower: The University of Minnesota's Art and Literary Magazine
    As Poetry Editors, we’re fascinated by works that are intricate, raw, and innovative. In hopes of exploring the new and the familiar, we’re interested in the works that make us feel a combination of resonance and inspiration. If a poem makes us nod and smile or furrow our brows in thought, that’s a piece worth immersing ourselves in time after time." -Afton Kelly, Poetry Chief, Managing Editor, ArtWords Judge