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Best Practice and Guidelines for Managing Digital Information

Knowledge production happens everywhere at the University of Minnesota, increasingly in digital formats with no paper equivalent. While there are no certainties in the world of digital content, creators of digital information can follow best practices that will help support sustained access and preservation of their materials. Here are some simple guidelines to help you manage your digital files.

All digital information is not created equal, though. Figuring out what should be preserved and how is part of the puzzle. Some materials are of enduring historical value and should be publicly accessible over the long term. Those materials may be appropriate for preservation in the Digital Conservancy. Other materials may only need short term, local storage and access. Questions to consider include: Who, besides you, may need to access the information, either now or in the future? How long will this information be needed and by whom? Is the information duplicated elsewhere? What University policies on records or state and federal laws should be considered? The UDC staff can help you review the options.



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