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Title: Information Circular 35. Geophysical Solutions to Geologic Problems of Continental Interiors: A Minnesota Workshop
Authors: Chandler, V.W.
Keywords: geology
Minnesota Geological Survey
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey
Series/Report no.: Information Circular
Abstract: Geophysics has long been a companion to geologic studies in Minnesota, where most of the bedrock lies beneath a thick cover of glacial drift. In 1979 the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS), through funding by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR), began an ambitious geophysical project-a state-wide program of high-resolution aeromagnetic surveying. On the occasion of the completion of this highly successful program, the MGS through LCMR support hosted an international geophysics workshop during March 3-6,1991. The main objective of the workshop was to determine how the LCMR data and other geophysical information can most effectively be used, and what sorts of new geophysical investigations are desirable for Minnesota. Such an assessment must address private, academic, and governmental needs and must consider a diversity of topics, including mineral exploration, environmental and ground-water studies, geologic mapping, and crustal studies. The recommended tasks must also be consistent with the MGS mission of geologic mapping and framework studies. Sessions were centered on near-surface studies, geologic mapping, mineral exploration, and crustal studies. Speakers were selected from diverse perspectives and included individuals from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Finland. Posters included presentations by some of the speakers, as well as other geophysicists working in the region. The workshop attracted over 100 earth scientists, representing 10 states and 4 countries, and the sessions stimulated many useful discussions and ideas. This report summarizes the workshop, and discusses some of its most important recommendations. These recommendations will help set the course for Minnesota geophysics into the 21st century.
URI: http://purl.umn.edu/59389
ISSN: 0544-3105
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