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Title: C-06 Geologic atlas of Dakota County, Minnesota
Authors: Balaban, N.H.
Hobbs, H.C.
Keywords: atlas
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey
Series/Report no.: C
Description: 9 pls. Scale 1:100,000 and smaller. Pl. 1, data-base; pl. 2, bedrock geology; pl. 3, surficial geology; pl. 4, depth to bedrock and bedrock topography; pl. 5, Quaternary hydrogeology; pl. 6, bedrock hydrogeology; pl. 7, sensitivity of the Prarie du Chien-Jordan aquifer to pollution; pl. 8, geology and well construction; pl. 9, geologic resources. Supplementary files include some ESRI coverages digitized at a later date from the paper maps.
URI: http://purl.umn.edu/58494
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C6 Extras.zipSupplementary Files1.43 MBView/Open
readmeCA99WJJM.txt1.46 kBTextView/Open
dakota_plt9_resources[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 9]4.32 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt8_wellconst[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 8]4.24 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt7_sens_opdcjdn[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 7]4.17 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt6_bdrkhydro[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 6]4.53 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt5_quathydro[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 5]3.77 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt4_dpth2bdrk[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 4]3.7 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt3_surficial[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 3]3.64 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt2_bedrock[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 2]3.35 MBPDFView/Open
dakota_plt1_database[1].pdfC-6 Atlas [Plate 1]3.89 MBPDFView/Open

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