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Twin Cities Campus Assembly Minutes : [124]

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About the committee:

"The Twin Cities Campus Assembly is the elected governing body of the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. The Assembly exercises the general legislative authority and responsibility over educational matters concerning the Twin Cities campus which are delegated to it by the University Senate and the regents of the University. The Assembly shall have legislative authority, as defined above, over the Twin Cities campus as a whole, but not over the internal affairs of a single institute, college, or school of collegiate rank, except where these materially affect the interests of other institutes, colleges, or schools of the Twin Cities campus. The Assembly shall have the power to enact regulations for the governing of the faculty, academic professionals, and students in those relations with the University which affect the Twin Cities campus. The Assembly shall have jurisdiction over all Twin Cities campus student organizations registered with the Student Organization Development Center or its successor. Matters having implications for campuses in addition to the Twin Cities campus, or for the University as a whole, shall be referred to the University Senate for debate and action."

Source: Twin Cities Campus Assembly Bylaws, superceded July 2005.

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