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Title: The Current Limitations of Archaeomagnetic Testing Pertaining to the Authentication of Displaced and Unprovenanced Ceramics: An Examination for Archaeologists
Kaping, Daniel
Keywords: Summa Cum Laude
Classical and Near Eastern Archeology
University Honors Program
Issue Date: 27-Aug-2012
Abstract: The current state of archaeomagnetic testing, as applied to orphaned ceramic materials, has been assessed in this dissertation. More specifically, the combination of archaeointensity measurement and magnetic susceptibility testing has been examined as a prospective authentication method. Intended to elevate awareness and comprehension for archaeologists and museum professionals unfamiliar with archaeomagnetic testing, this study has been created in the hope that expanding accessibility will also expand the scope of its application. Interdisciplinary cooperation and research, fostered through increased access to excavation materials and data, will be integral to improving testing methods. In order to demonstrate the immense effort required to improve the ease and reliability of testing methods and the integrity of data models, the difficulties restricting the use of archaeomagnetic testing as a means of authentication have also been discussed in extent.
URI: http://purl.umn.edu/132178
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