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Title: Till geochemical and indicator mineral reconnaissance of Minnesota
Authors: Thorleifson, L.Harvey
Harris, K.L.
Hobbs, H.C.
Jennings, C.E.
Knaeble, A.R.
Lively, R.S.
Lusardi, B.A.
Meyer, G.N.
Keywords: Till
Indicator minerals
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey
Series/Report no.: OFR
Abstract: As a cooperative project of the Minnesota Geological Survey and industry, the entire State of Minnesota and adjacent regions was sampled for till geochemistry and indicator minerals at a 30-km spacing during summer 2004. Within target cells, each a quarter-degree latitude by a half-degree longitude, till from between about 1 and 2 m depth was sampled by filling a 15 liter plastic pail. At a few sites, vertical profiles were collected. In addition, three transects to the north were sampled, to help identify sediments derived by long-distance glacial transport, to obtain reference samples from the Thompson nickel belt, and also to extend sampling to the limit of Hudson Bay-derived carbonate-bearing sediments, to permit comparison to Minnesota carbonate-bearing sediments. Three control samples anomalous in kimberlite indicator minerals from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, were also obtained. The resulting batch consisted of 250 samples covering Minnesota and adjacent areas, 20 samples from Canada, and the three standards. The results are a highly significant step forward in mapping our geochemical landscape, in clarifying mineral potential, in provision of reference data useful to environmental protection, public health, and exploration, and in supporting follow-up with respect to potential mineralization.
Description: Maps and data from the <63 micron geochemical analyses of this study are also included in the MGS Open File Report OFR-09-02
URI: http://purl.umn.edu/123358
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Photos_hvm_grains.zipPhotos of heavy mineral grains16.81 MBZIPView/Open
index.txtreadme explanatory text file2.84 kBTextView/Open
ind_datafiles.zipSupplementary digital (GIS) files763.69 kBZIPView/Open
15_Indicator_mineral_counts_maps.pdfMaps of indicator mineral grain counts10.21 MBPDFView/Open
14_Indicator_mineral_counts_data.pdfIndicator mineral count data388.78 kBPDFView/Open
13_Geochemistry_HMC_ICP_maps.pdfHeay mineral geochemistry maps-ICP2.08 MBPDFView/Open
12_Geochemistry_HMC_ICP_data.pdfHeavy mineral geochemistry data-ICP35.89 kBPDFView/Open
11_Geochemistry_HMC_NA_maps.pdfHeavy mineral geochemistry maps-Neutron Activation7.6 MBPDFView/Open
10_Geochemistry_HMC_NA_data.pdfHeavy mineral geochemistry data-Neutron Activation68.9 kBPDFView/Open
09_Geochemistry_63micron_maps.pdfLess than 63 micron geochemical maps12.03 MBPDFView/Open
08_Geochemistry_63micron_data.pdfLess than 63 micron geochemical data106.88 kBPDFView/Open
07_Heavy_mineral_counts_grouped_maps.pdfHeavy mineral counts group maps4.18 MBPDFView/Open
06_Heavy_mineral_counts_grouped_data.pdfHeavy mineral counts group data66.62 kBPDFView/Open
05_Heavy_mineral_counts_ungrouped_maps.pdfHeavy mineral counts ungrouped maps7.91 MBPDFView/Open
04_Heavy_mineral_counts_ungrouped_data.pdfHeavy mineral counts ungrouped data68.81 kBPDFView/Open
03_Field_and_lithologic_data_maps.pdfField data and lithologic data maps6.54 MBPDFView/Open
02_Field_and_lithologic_data.pdfField data and lithologic data212.77 kBPDFView/Open
01_Report.pdfFinal Report4.74 MBPDFView/Open

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