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Title: Creating the Student Organic Farm at the University of Minnesota
Authors: Tchida, Courtney
Keywords: organic production
student farms
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
Citation: Tchida, C. 2007. Creating the Student Organic Farm at the University of Minnesota.
Abstract: In the Spring of 2005 the first Student Organic Farm Class took place at the University of Minnesota on the Twin Cities Campus. The following is the curriculum that was used by the class to create our initial master plan. It is in the format of an Integrating Paper that was submitted by Courtney Tchida for her Masters of Education Program.
Description: Includes title page with table of contents, 15 chapters, and 2 appendices.
URI: http://purl.umn.edu/118581
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Appendix-B-Master-Plan.pdfAppendix B: Master Plan Documents3.96 MBPDFView/Open
Appendix-A-Supplements-to-the-Integrating-Paper.pdfAppendix A: Supplements to the Integrating Paper170.17 kBPDFView/Open
Ch15-My-Reflections-What-I-Learned .pdfChapter 15: My Reflections: What I Learned1.35 MBPDFView/Open
Ch14-What-We-Learned.pdfChapter 14: What We Learned345.89 kBPDFView/Open
Ch13-Putting-the-Plan-Into-Action.pdfChapter 13: Putting the Plan into Action642.72 kBPDFView/Open
Ch12-FarmLayout.pdfChapter 12: Farm Layout1.77 MBPDFView/Open
Ch11-Crops-Selection-and-Cultivation.pdfChapter 11: Crops: Selection and Cultivation95.24 kBPDFView/Open
Ch10-Markets-and-Growing-Methods.pdfChapter 10: Markets and Growing Methods341.24 kBPDFView/Open
Ch9-Partnerships.pdfChapter 9: Potential Partnerships and Neighbors103.47 kBPDFView/Open
Ch8-StrategicPlanning.pdfChapter 8: Strategic Planning228.05 kBPDFView/Open
Ch7-AssessingLandResources.pdfChapter 7: Assessing Land Resources289.37 kBPDFView/Open
Ch6-ConsensusBuilding.pdfChapter 6: Consensus Building699.23 kBPDFView/Open
Ch5-Building-a-Community.pdfChapter 5: Building a Community999.71 kBPDFView/Open
Ch4-TheClass.pdfChapter 4: Student Farm Planning: The Class340.07 kBPDFView/Open
Ch3-Preclass-info.pdfChapter 3: Rooted in Student Involvement2.05 MBPDFView/Open
Ch2-LiteratureReview.pdfChapter 2: Literature Review328.81 kBPDFView/Open
Ch1-Introduction-to-the-Integrating-Paper.pdfChapter 1: Introduction to the Integrating Paper330.94 kBPDFView/Open
Title-Page-and-Table-of-Contents.pdfTitle page and Table of Contents87.2 kBPDFView/Open

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