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Title: Minnesota Soil, Till, and Ground-Water Geochemical Data
Authors: Lively, R.S.
Thorleifson, L.Harvey
Keywords: soil
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey
Citation: Lively, R.S., and Thorleifson, L.H., 2009, Minnesota soil, till, and ground-water geochemical data. Minnesota Geological Survey Open File Report OFR-09-02, 19 p., 1 poster, 69 atlas pages, 8 digital tables, 1 geodatabase
Series/Report no.: OFR
Abstract: The rocks and soils that are the foundation of our environment leave an imprint on the chemistry of our water and our lives. This chemical landscape reflects a combination of natural history and cumulative human impacts, and it influences biodiversity and human health. Geochemical mapping thus is needed to clarify elemental variations, and to support assessment of the natural and human-influenced factors that dictate these variations. The Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), therefore have assembled three geochemical data sets for soil and water as a basis for an atlas that will provide an overview of geochemical patterns, and a reference that will place more thorough environmental geochemical surveys into a context. Data contributed to the project were derived from soil, soil parent material, and well water samples analyzed following USGS, Geological Survey of Canada, and Environmental Protection Agency protocols, respectively. The soil data include stream sediments largely in the western part of the state, and the soil parent material data are from sites underlain by till. The well water samples were from multiple aquifers utilized for drinking water, at greatly varying depth and geology.
Description: Due to file size, element distribution maps (PDF) have been divided into files containing 5 elements each, in alphabetical order of common name beginning at Alkalinity and ending with Zirconium.
URI: http://purl.umn.edu/117364
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Files in This Item:

File Description SizeFormat
data_tables.zipExcel data tables971.9 kBZIPView/Open
geodatabase.zipGIS files in ESRI geodatabase format901.78 kBZIPView/Open
geochemical landscape of Mn.pdfPoster summarizing the geochemical landscape of Minnesota23.11 MBPDFView/Open
metadata.zipHTML metadata describing the digital files13.24 kBZIPView/Open
atlasmaps66-69.pdfYtterbium-Zirconium21.33 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps61-65.pdfTotalSuspendedSolids-Vanadium26.46 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps56-60.pdfThallium-TotalOrganicCarbon26.54 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps51-55.pdfSulfur-Thorium26.04 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps46-50.pdfSilver-Sulfate_S26.55 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps41-45.pdfPotassium-Selenium26.55 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps36-40.pdfOxidationReductionPotential-Platinum26.52 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps31-35.pdfMolybdenum-Nitrate_N26.57 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps26-30.pdfLead-Mercury26.19 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps21-25.pdfGold-Lanthanum26.01 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps16-20.pdfCobalt-Germanium26.54 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps11-15.pdfCalcium-Chromium26.11 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps06-10.pdfBeryllium-Cadmium26.11 MBPDFView/Open
atlasmaps01-05.pdfAlkalinity-Barium26.64 MBPDFView/Open
Report_geochem_Mn.pdfFinal Report661.51 kBPDFView/Open
readme.pdfGeneral explanation of data21.07 kBPDFView/Open

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