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About IMER Medical Student Essays

Founded in 1998, the Mission of the University of Minnesota Medical School International Medical Education and Research Program (IMER) is to foster global health- related medical education and research of medical and graduate students and faculty. Affiliation agreements and memoranda of understanding are established with over 20 international sites. (See the IMER Website for more details http://www.meded.umn.edu/imer/.)

A major goal of IMER is to coordinate international experiences for all U of M medical students. This is accomplished through an International Health Abroad elective, usually taken by 4th year medical students. To get credit for this elective, students are required to submit an essay describing their experiences. To broaden the readership of their essays, students are strongly encouraged to submit them for publication via the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy. Virtually all students report that their experiences were life-changing. A sense of this impact is often captured in their personal stories.