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Lisa R. Johnston  [23]

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As Data Management & Curation Lead and co-director of the University Digital Conservancy I coordinate the library's efforts around digital scholarship and research data management, access, and archiving. Prior to this I served as library liaison to the Physics, Astronomy, and Geology departments (2007-2011). My research areas of focus are scientific data curation, citation analysis, information-seeking behavior and web development of user-centered tools to access information.

Recently Added

Developing a Data Curation Service: Step #1: Work With What You’ve Got

Johnston, Lisa R. (Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2014)

Partnerships in a Data Management Village: Exploring how research and library services can work together

Hofelich Mohr, Alicia; Lindsay, Thomas; Johnston, Lisa (2015)
Providing data management services is a task that takes a village; a distributed model of support, involving collaboration among diverse institutional offices, is needed to do it well. Researchers especially benefit when ...

Understanding Researcher Needs in Data Management: A Comparison of Four Colleges in a Large American University

Hofelich Mohr, Alicia; Braun, Steven; Bishoff, Carolyn; Bishoff, Josh; Johnston, Lisa (2015)
The diverse nature of research makes identifying needs and providing support for data management a complex task in an academic setting. To better understand this diversity, we compare the findings from three surveys on ...

A Review of Data Management Plans (DMPs) from Successful National Science Foundation Grants from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, 2011-2014

Johnston, Lisa R.; Bishoff, Carolyn (2015-02-27)
In order to better understand the ongoing needs of campus researchers for managing and sharing their research data the University Libraries conducted a local study of Data Management Plans (DMPs) included in successful ...

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