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Information Circular 14. Index to Geophysical Investigations in Minnesota
Beltrame, R.J. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1978)

Information Circular 14. Index to Geophysical Investigations in Minnesota


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Minnesota Geological Survey


This report was prepared for the Conference on Geophysics in Minnesota, May 1-2, 1978, at the Radisson Hotel, St. Paul, Minnesota. The purpose of this conference is to discuss the future direction for applied geophysical investigations in the State of Minnesota. This report was prepared as a source of background information on the present status of geophysical studies in the State. A detailed search for information on all aspects of geophysical investigations in Minnesota was undertaken. This report is concerned primarily with geophysical studies involving one or more of the following methods: electrical; electromagnetic; gravity; magnetic; seismic; and radioactive. For the first five topics, an index map and a list of references to areas studied in the state are provided. An index map to Radioactive investigations was not compiled because the numerous small areas of investigations by several investigators make it unfeasible. Also included in this report are selected references to miscellaneous geophysical investigations of a general nature, paleomagnetic studies; and references to studies on the Midcontinent Gravity High of which geophysics has played an important role.

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