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Information Circular 5. Directory of Minnesota Industrial Mineral Producers 1967
Hogberg, R.K. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1969)

Information Circular 5. Directory of Minnesota Industrial Mineral Producers 1967


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Minnesota Geological Survey


This Information Circular is published by the Minnesota Geological Survey to fulfill a part of its responsibility for providing information on the State's mineral resources. For our directory an industrial mineral producer is defined as one who removed or mined mineral-bearing materials or substances other than water or iron ores from their natural geologic setting. Generally the producer processed the mineral raw materials into a form more suitable for marketing. The firm name, business addresses, locations of the sites of exploitation and processing plants are listed. There are several additional sources of detailed information on Minnesota's mineral producers. The U.S. Bureau of Mines Mineral Yearbooks and Advanced Annual Summaries present information on significant developments and statistical data, on the volume of production and average price of individual commodities, as well as the gross mineral income for each county and for the State as a whole. The Mines Experiment Station of the University of Minnesota publishes an annual Mining Directory which gives data, both current and historical on location, ownership, management, personnel, and production of iron mining properties. The markets and number of employees of manufacturers that use or modify natural mineral materials are listed in Minnesota Directory of Manufacturers prepared by the Minnesota Department of Business Development. Data on the commodities of sand and gravel, crushed and broken stone, and dimension stone were prepared for processing on the IBM 6600 computer. This was done to facilitate the preparation of future directories, to set up a information retrieval system and to provide a rapid means of updating and printing of data during intermediate periods. The tabulated information is a somewhat modified facsimile of the computer printout. Information for this report was obtained from many private and governmental sources. We welcome additional data, corrections, and suggestions to improve succeeding numbers of this directory.

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The preparation of this publication was financially aided through a Federal grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development I under the Urban Planning Assistance Program authorized by Section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended.

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