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Information Circular 2. Chemical Analyses of Igneous Rocks
Ruotsala, Albert P.; Tufford, Sarah P. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1965)

Information Circular 2. Chemical Analyses of Igneous Rocks

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Minnesota Geological Survey


The available chemical analyses of igneous rocks of Minnesota are compiled and grouped by rock type in the 10 tables that comprise this report. In each table, analyses appear in chronological order according to date of original publication. The sample locality, the analyst, and the original publication are listed for each analysis. Four of the 232 analyses are unpublished, and were obtained from the files of the Rock Analyses Laboratory of the University of Minnesota, now inactive. Most of the chemical analyses presented here were compiled originally by Ruotsala (unpublished M. S. thesis, University of Minnesota, 1955). All known new analyses have been added, and the tables are believed to include all analyses made before 1965. All totals were checked and corrected. A modal analysis is available for those samples marked by an asterisk.

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Ruotsala, Albert P.; Tufford, Sarah P.. (1965). Information Circular 2. Chemical Analyses of Igneous Rocks. Minnesota Geological Survey. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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