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IT competence for all: Propel your staff to new heights
Eells, Linda L.; Jaguszewski, Janice M. (Haworth Press, 2008)

IT competence for all: Propel your staff to new heights

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Haworth Press


In 2005, the University of Minnesota Libraries charged a task force with the development of a list of core information technology (IT) skills that could be expected of all 300 staff, from technical services to reference services to stacks maintenance. Once this list was developed, the task force designed and administered an online self-assessment survey to identify gaps and patterns in staff computer skills. Both the development of the core competencies and the administration of the assessment are discussed. Also provided are recommendations for next steps, including using assessment reports and data gathered in the process to develop a training and professional development curriculum focused on the specific identified training needs of staff.

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issn: 1555-3337

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Eells, Linda L.; Jaguszewski, Janice M.. (2008). IT competence for all: Propel your staff to new heights. Haworth Press. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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