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Educational Series 2. Guide to Mineral Collecting in Minnesota
Rapp, G.R. Jr; Wallace, D.T. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1966)

Educational Series 2. Guide to Mineral Collecting in Minnesota

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Minnesota Geological Survey


Mineral collecting is a hobby that appeals to more than six million Americans. Rocks and minerals provide many of the clues to what we know about nature. Our knowledge of the age of the earth, the nature of prehistoric life, and the record of the great ice ages comes from what we can determine from the study of rock strata. This booklet is about the rocks and minerals found in Minnesota. It is intended for the general public, particularly for those individuals that are just awakening to or are renewing an earlier interest in rocks. We hope to point the beginner in a direction that will provide an interesting and rewarding hobby. To do this we offer some essential background on rocks and minerals and a detailed guide to many of Minnesota's more attractive rock and mineral specimens.

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Educational Series

Illustrations by Ann Cross

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Rapp, G.R. Jr; Wallace, D.T.. (1966). Educational Series 2. Guide to Mineral Collecting in Minnesota. Minnesota Geological Survey. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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