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Information Circular 45. Utility of Elemental Geochemical Data in Correlation and provenance Studies of Pleistocene Materials: A Case Study in Stearns county, Central Minnesota

Morey, G.B.; Lively, R.S.; Meyer, Gary N. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2000)
Geochemical attributes, especially minor, trace, and rare-earth elements, are commonly used to characterize various kinds of sedimentary rocks and to elucidate their provenance. Similar techniques have been applied to ...

Information Circular 20. Aggregate Resources Inventory, Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minnesota

Meyer, Gary N.; Jirsa, Mark A. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1984)
Aggregate is derived from two major sources in the seven-county area. Surficial deposits of sand and gravel, or "natural" aggregate, are the primary source. These are deposits of rock detritus broken down and sorted by the ...

Information Circular 6. Paleozoic Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature for Southeastern Minnesota

Austin, G.S. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1969)
The Paleozoic lithostratigraphic nomenclature shown in the column was compiled from information obtained from several sources-outcrops, deep cores, and theses on the geology of southeastern Minnesota. It is a revision of ...

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