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Bulletin No. 34 Supplement. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology
Splettstoesser, John F.; Sloan, Sally A. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1962)

Bulletin No. 34 Supplement. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology

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Minnesota Geological Survey


The following bibliography is limited to titles on the geology of Minnesota and is intended to supplement M. G. S. Bulletin 34, Bibliography of Minnesota Geology through 1951. This supplement covers the period from 1951-1961 plus some items that were missed in the first bibliography. Most of the titles have been taken from Bibliography of North American Geology with some references found in other lists and by searching through periodicals. Thanks are extended for the aid given by the faculty of the Department of Geology of the University of Minnesota. Special assistance, suggestions, and comments were provided by Miss Theodora Melone, co-author of the Bibliography of Minnesota Geology, M. G. S. Bulletin 34, and librarian of the Winchell Library of Geology, and to her the compilers are deeply indebted. Special appreciation is also extended to Charlene Hirsch and Marilyn Reinke for their helpful work in typing and proofreading this Supplement.

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34 Supplement

See also Bulletin 34

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