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Bulletin No. 32, The Geology and Underground Waters of Northeastern Minnesota
Thiel, George A. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1947)

Bulletin No. 32, The Geology and Underground Waters of Northeastern Minnesota


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Minnesota Geological Survey

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In 1924 the Minnesota Geological Survey began the task of compiling up-to-date information on the underground waters of Minnesota. Dr. Ira S. Allison carried on much of the work for the northwestern portion of the state and prepared Bulletin 22, The Geology and Water Resources of Northwestern Minnesota, which was published in 1932. Shortly thereafter, Professor Thiel began the revision of the data for the southern half of Minnesota which had originally been discussed in the United States Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 256 by C. W. Hall, O. E. Meinzer, and M. L. Fuller. Dr. Thiel's revision appeared as Minnesota Geological Survey Bulletin 31 in 1944. The present bulletin completes the series on the underground waters of Minnesota and makes available in published form data on the underground water resources of every county in the state. These bulletins cannot be considered final because water will continue to be developed as long as people inhabit the state. The Minnesota Geological Survey will therefore welcome cooperation in keeping up its file of data on underground waters and will be pleased to answer inquiries not covered by the published material. The state owes a debt to Professor Thiel for the very large amount of painstaking work which has gone into Bulletins 31 and 32. The three bulletins arc available from the University of Minnesota Press at a moderate price. Attention should also be called to the fact that all legal matters regarding underground, as well as surface waters, are by act of the legislature placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation.

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Thiel, George A.. (1947). Bulletin No. 32, The Geology and Underground Waters of Northeastern Minnesota. Minnesota Geological Survey. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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