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Bulletin No. 13. Surface Formations and Agricultural Conditions of Northeastern Minnesota
Leverett, Frank; Sardeson, Frederick W.; Purssell, U.G. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1917)

Bulletin No. 13. Surface Formations and Agricultural Conditions of Northeastern Minnesota

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Minnesota Geological Survey

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This bulletin is a preliminary paper which treats the soils of only the northeast quarter of Minnesota. It will be followed by a report on the entire state, the field work for which already has been completed. The work has been done in accordance with the agreement for cooperation between the United States Geological Survey and the Minnesota Geological Survey, entered into, March, 1912. By this agreement the services of Mr. Frank Leverett were secured for surveying the surface formations and soils. Mr. Leverett has been engaged since 1886, or thirty years, in studying the surface geology of the Great Lakes region and because of his large experience in the greater area he was particularly well prepared to undertake the studies in Minnesota. He has spent, moreover, considerable time in the state studying its physiography in connection with the preparation of a monograph for the United States Geological Survey. Since the reorganization of the State Survey, the salary of Mr. Leverett has been met by the United States Geological Survey, while the greater part of his expenses have been paid by the State Survey. The State Survey has provided also for this work the services and expenses of Professor F. W. Sardeson, who has assisted in this work for the past five seasons. For a short period, also, the State has supplied the services of Dr. Arthur H. Elftman. We wish to acknowledge the generous assistance of the Division of Soils of the Department of Agriculture of the University of Minnesota and of the United States Bureau of Soils. The valuable contributions to the knowledge of the surface formations of Minnesota by the Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey, under the direction of Professor N. H. Winchell, particularly those of Mr. Warren Upham of that Survey, have aided greatly in the preparation of this report. The section on climatic conditions in Minnesota has been generously contributed without any cost to the Survey by Mr. U. G. Purssell, Director of the Minnesota Section of the United States Weather Bureau. In the preparation of the maps and other data showing dates of killing frosts, lengths of growing season, rainfall, etc., Professor C. J. Posey has rendered efficient service.

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Also contains a chapter on Climatic Conditions of Minnesota. 72 p., 1 pl. Map of the Surface formations and agricultural conditions of northeastern Minnesota, scale 1:500,000.

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Leverett, Frank; Sardeson, Frederick W.; Purssell, U.G.. (1917). Bulletin No. 13. Surface Formations and Agricultural Conditions of Northeastern Minnesota. Minnesota Geological Survey. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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