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Dr. Charles J. Geyer  [15]

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Aster Models with Random Effects and Additive Genetic Variance for Fitness

Geyer, Charles J.; Shaw, Ruth G. (2013-07-10)
This technical report is a minor supplement to the paper Geyer et al. (in press) and its accompanying technical report Geyer et al. (2012). It shows how to move variance components from the canonical parameter scale to the ...

Aster Models with Random Effects via Penalized Likelihood

Geyer, Charles J.; Ridley, Caroline E.; Latta, Robert G.; Etterson, Julie R.; Shaw, Ruth G. (2012-10-09)
This technical report works out details of approximate maximum likelihood estimation for aster models with random effects. Fixed and random effects are estimated by penalized log likelihood. Variance components are estimated ...

Supplementary Material for the paper "Asymptotics for Constrained Dirichlet Distributions"

Geyer, Charles J.; Meeden, Glen (2012-06-25)
This document is supplementary material for a paper. It shows how to simulate the linear-equality-and-inequality-constrained normal distribution that is the large sample approximation to a similarly constrained Dirichlet ...

Computation for the Introduction to MCMC Chapter of Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Geyer, Charles J. (2010-07-29)
This technical report does the computation for the "Introduction to MCMC" chapter of Brooks, Gelman, Jones and Meng (forthcoming). All analyses are done in R (R Development Core Team, 2008) using the Sweave function so ...

Supplementary Material for "Asymptotics of Maximum Likelihood without the LLN or CLT or Sample Size Going to Infinity"

Geyer, Charles J. (University of Minnesota School of Statistics, 2005-05)
Supplementary material for a paper.

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