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Academic Health Center  [995]


Welcome to the digital archives of the Academic Health Center.

The University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy preserves and provides access to core institutional documents in digital format of the Academic Health Center. The Conservancy provides a central access point for a selection of high-use historical materials that have been digitized to enhance access and functionality as well as born-digital administrative documents.

Paper and other analog collections related to the Academic Health Center are available in the Elmer L. Andersen Library. For more information about the collections, please visit University Archives.

Please visit the Academic Health Center for current information and activities.

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Recently Added

  • Interview with Robert Vince 

    Klaffke, Lauren E.; Vince, Robert (University of Minnesota, 2013)
    Dr. Robert Vince begins his interview by describing his interest in science and medicine generally, his graduate research, and how he came to be professor at the University of Minnesota in the College of Pharmacy. In ...
  • Interview with Lynda Ellis 

    Ellis, Lynda; Tobbell, Dominique (University of Minnesota, 2014)
    Lynda Ellis begins by discussing her educational background and her arrival at the University of Minnesota. She describes her first years in the Division of Health Computer Sciences, the atmosphere of the Department of ...
  • Interview with Philip Portoghese 

    Tobbell, Dominique A.; Portoghese, Philip (University of Minnesota, 2012)
    Dr. Portoghese begins part one of his interview with a review of his education at Columbia University and then the University of Maryland. He briefly discusses his military service in the Korean War, his Master’s work at ...
  • Interview with Eli Coleman 

    Vitulli, Eli; Coleman, Eli (University of Minnesota, 2012)
    Dr. Eli Coleman begins his interview by describing his early life, his education, and his move to the University of Minnesota and the Program in Human Sexuality (PHS). He reflects on his first years in the program, its ...
  • Interview with Norrie Thomas 

    Klaffke, Lauren E.; Thomas, Norrie (University of Minnesota, 2013)
    Norrie Thomas was born in Detroit, Michigan but grew up in Rochester, Minnesota. She completed two years at a junior college in Rochester and transferred to the University of Minnesota in 1971. She earned her bachelor’s ...

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