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Dissertations and Theses  [7342]

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Dissertations and theses in the University Digital Conservancy comprise the official, approved version of these works. The dissertations and theses in the Digital Conservancy are submitted through the Graduate School in accordance with University standards. Works contributed to the Conservancy serve as a permanent University of Minnesota record of graduate student scholarship. Electronic submission of dissertations to the Digital Conservancy date from 2007. Master's Plan A theses date from 2009.

Online availability of earlier dissertations and theses include a majority of works completed prior to 1923 as well as works made available by individual alumni. Earlier dissertations and theses may be accessed onsite in paper form, or through interlibrary loan, or through the online Digital Dissertations database. Check the University Libraries catalog for holdings information or contact the University of Minnesota Archives for these earlier works. For more information, please see the FAQ on Master's Theses and Dissertations.

Recently Added

Communication in Membrane Repair

Mahling, Ryan W (2015-06)
The force generated by muscle cells places a high amount of stress on their plasma membranes creating lesions which must be effectively repaired in order for the cell to survive. Multiple proteins have been implicated in ...

Muon Neutrino Disappearance in NOvA with a Deep Convolutional Neural Network Classifier

Rocco, Dominick (2016-03)
The NuMI Off-axis Neutrino Appearance Experiment (NOvA) is designed to study neutrino oscillation in the NuMI (Neutrinos at the Main Injector) beam. NOvA observes neutrino oscillation using two detectors separated by a ...

Untargeted Flavoromics to Identify Flavor Active Compounds

Ronningen, Ian (2016-03)
Flavor research has long utilized targeted methods to understand and identify flavor active compounds in food systems. While this has advanced the field, there are limitations to only investigating compounds that are ...

Impact of Information Technology on Knowledge Work

Wagle, Mihir (2016-01)
As intangible assets emerge as a key determinant of performance and competitive advantage of firms, the organizational processes involved in creating and sharing knowledge within the firm are being recognized as important. ...

Positive And Negative Regulation Of Defense Responses Against Pseudomonas Syringae In Arabidopsis

Sreekanta, Suma (2014-03)
Immune signaling in plants involves both positive and negative regulators. Maintaining a balance between growth and defense responses is important because there is a fitness cost to the plants if immune responses are left ...

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