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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)  [1118]

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) supports students interested in research and other creative activities, under the guidance of a University of Minnesota Faculty Mentor. Students pursue research in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, the life sciences, and physical sciences and engineering.

Recently Added

Novel Algae Bioreactors for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal

Yang, Kaixian (2016)
The UROP Project I did this summer from late May to early August was maintaining two bioreactors (a vessel in which chemical or biological processes are carried out with organisms) containing one with granule algae and the ...

Comparing Elemental Abundances in Nearby Spiral Galaxies

Carpenter-Graffy, Dina E (2016)
The chemical abundance of a galaxy is measured by taking the spectrum of each star-forming region. There are currently two methods in place: direct and strong-line abundances. Each uses different hardware and goes through ...

Re-animating Atmospheres: An exploration in photographic choreography

Hunt, Adam, R (2016)
This research presents a new way of looking at photographs as pre-movement instead of freezing a moving scene. The overall atmosphere created by the videos is a feeling of being disconnected from physical space and in an ...

A Computational Evaluation Of Neutron Capture Efficiency In Plastic Scintillators

Schmitz, Ryan; Poehlmann, David-Michael; Rogers, Hannah; Barker, D'Ann; Cushman, Priscilla (2016-10-05)
A Monte Carlo study using GEANT4 was performed on the neutron capture efficiency rates achieved by Gd-loaded plastic scintillators. A "deposition efficiency" parameter was defined as the percentage of incident neutrons ...

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