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Awareness of and interest in Green Routes
Schneider, Ingrid E.; Hinds, Nikki; Joannides, Jan; Stern, Steffany (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2007)

Awareness of and interest in Green Routes

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University of Minnesota Tourism Center


This report details the methods and findings from questionnaires administered to two samples of potential green tourists in 2006.

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65 pp. Green Routes is a project of Renewing the Countryside in partnership with the Sustainable Farming Association, University of Minnesota Tourism Center, Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Minnesota Grown Program, Minnesota Food Association, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, U of M’s Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Association, Land Stewardship Project and the University of Minnesota’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships.

Funding partners include North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Minneapolis Foundation and the Community Assistantship Program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.

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Schneider, Ingrid E.; Hinds, Nikki; Joannides, Jan; Stern, Steffany. (2007). Awareness of and interest in Green Routes. University of Minnesota Tourism Center. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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