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Fine Theoretical Physics Institute  [552]

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The William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute (FTPI) was established in 1987 as part of the University of Minnesota's School of Physics and Astronomy with the goal of conducting research in theoretical physics at a world-class level.

The most important function of FTPI is to produce significant, exciting, and sound theoretical physics that will have an impact on physics as a whole. To this end the Institute provides a meeting place for theorists from around the globe to exchange and develop ideas.

FTPI sponsors short-term workshops and longer programs, as well as hosting visiting scholars for long-term stays. Through these and other outreach programs, the Institute serves to advance theoretical physics and to further develop its links to other science and engineering research disciplines, industrial research initiatives, and other academic sectors.

Recently Added

How supersymmetry helps to understand hydrodynamics

Koroteev, Peter (2016-05-15)
We discuss the connection between periodic finite-difference Intermediate Long Wave hydrodynamical systems and integrable many-body models of Calogero and Ruijsenaars-type. The former describe quantum cohomology and quantum ...

Non-Abelian string of a finite length

Monin, Sergey (2016-05-15)
We consider world-sheet theories for non-Abelian strings assuming compactification on a cylinder with a finite circumference $L$ and periodic boundary conditions. The dynamics of the orientational modes is described by ...

Worldsheet-induced corrections to the holographic Veneziano amplitude

Ireson, Edwin (2016-05-15)
Following an earlier result that recovered the Veneziano amplitude in the high-energy regime of Yang-Mills theories by the AdS/CFT correspondance, the natural next step forward is to investigate what kind of corrections ...

Large-N CP(N-1) sigma model on a finite interval with the Dirichlet condition

Ohashi, Keisuke (2016-05-15)
We study the large-N solution of the bosonic CP(N-1) model on a finite interval |with the Dirichlet conditions. In the literature, this model has been studied with translational invariant ansatz and there an existence of ...

Vortices in Neutron Superfluids

Nitta, Muneto (2016-05-15)
Neutron triplet (3P2) superfluids are believed to realize in high density neutron matter such as the cores of neutron stars. I discuss topological aspects of neutron 3P2 superfluids such as integer vortices, half-quantized ...

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