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Research Reports  [943]

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The Center for Transportation Studies' research reports present the results of University of Minnesota projects in all areas of transportation research. Most reports are available online free of charge.

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Risk evaluation for in-vehicle sign information

Schlicht, Erik J; Morris, Nichole L (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-05)
The goal of the study was to examine the influence of in-vehicle signing (IVS) pertaining to four types of changing driving conditions and determine the utility and potential safety costs associated with the IVS information. ...

Evaluation of Bio-Fog Sealants for Pavement Preservation

Ghosh, Debaroti; Turos, Mugur; Marasteanu, Mihai (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-06)
Pavement preservation is playing an increasingly significant role in maintaining our aging pavement infrastructure. One important component is the application of sealants to the pavement surface. In a joint study between ...

Innovative Technology Workshop on 3D LIDAR

Davis, Brian (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-06)
The use of LIDAR is becoming more common among state, county, and local agencies. It presents a means for collecting a great deal of information about the geometry of a road, its surrounding area, and depending on the ...

Computerized Crash Reports Usability and Design Investigation

Morris, Nichole; Achtemeier, Jacob; Ton, Alice; Plummer, John Paul; Sykes, Jennifer (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-06)
Electronic crash reports are advantageous because they can limit missing data, transcription errors, and the space limitations of a single sheet of paper. Advancing electronic reports through user-centered design affords ...

Teen Driver Support System (TDSS) Field Operational Test

Creaser, Janet; Morris, Nichole; Edwards, Christopher; Manser, Michael; Cooper, Jennifer; Swanson, Brandy; Donath, Max (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2015-11)
Although teen drivers make up a small percentage of the U.S. driving population, they are at an especially high risk of being involved in a crash. Factors that contribute to teen drivers’ risk include their lack of experience ...

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