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Valerie Belair-Gagnon  [7]

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#Verdict2014: social media and change in Indian legacy media during the 2014 lok sabha election

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Agur, Colin (Center for the Study of Journalism at Bornemouth University, 2015)

Reconstructing the Indian public sphere: Newswork and social media in the Delhi gang rape case

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Mishra, Smeeta; Agur, Colin (Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, 2014)
In recent years, a growing literature in journalism studies has discussed the increasing importance of social media in European and American news production. Adding to this body of work, we explore how Indian and foreign ...

Revisiting Impartiality: Social Media and Journalism at The BBC

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie (Symbolic Interaction, 2013)
This article contributes to the literature of news production studies by providing a powerful example of how processes of deliberation bring change to journalism. It explores the reconstruction of impartiality using the ...

Social Media at BBC News: The re-making of crisis reporting

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie (Routledge, 2015)
Since the emergence of social media in the journalistic landscape, the BBC has sought to produce reporting more connected to its audience while retaining its authority as a public broadcaster in crisis reporting. Using ...

The impact of charity and tax law/regulation on not-for-profit news organizations

Picard, Robert; Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Ranchordás, Sofia (The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford and the Information Society Project, Yale Law School, 2016)

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