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Olfactory and behavioral response thresholds to odors of diseased brood differ between hygienic and non-hygienic honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Masterman, R.; Ross, R.; Mesce, K.; Spivak, M. (2001)
Through the use of proboscis-extension reflex conditioning, we demonstrate that honey bees ( Apis mellifera L.) bred for hygienic behavior (a behavioral mechanism of disease resistance) are able to discriminate between ...

The relationship between hygienic behavior and suppression of mite reproduction as honey bee (Apis mellifera) mechanisms of resistance to Varroa destructor

Ibrahim, Abdullah; Spivak, Marla (2006)
We compared the mechanisms of resistance to Varroa destructor displayed by bees bred for Suppression of Mite Reproduction (SMR) and hygienic behavior (HYG). Mites from SMR and HYG source colonies were introduced into ...

Field trial of honey bee colonies bred for mechanisms of resistance against Varroa destructor

Ibrahim, Abdullah; Reuter, Gary S.; Spivak, Marla (2007)
We compared colonies selectively bred for both hygienic behavior and Suppression of Mite Reproduction (HYG/SMR) with colonies bred solely for hygienic behavior (HYG) and unselected control colonies. Colonies were evaluated ...

Hygienic behaviors of honey bees in response to brood experimentally pin-killed or infected with Ascosphaera apis

Palacio, María Alejandra; Rodriguez, Edgardo; Goncalves, Lionel; Bedascarrasbure, Enrique; Spivak, Marla (2010)
Hygienic behavior of honeybees involves inspection, uncapping and removal of diseased and dead brood from the colony. The objective of this work was to study the activities involved in hygienic behavior of individually ...

Propolis and bee health: the natural history and significance of resin use by honey bees

Simone-Finstrom, Michael; Spivak, Marla (2010)
Social immunity, which describes how individual behaviors of group members effectively reduce disease and parasite transmission at the colony level, is an emerging field in social insect biology. An understudied, but ...

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