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Dr. David M. Levinson  [255]

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Workshop 3 report: Sustainable funding sources and related cost benefit measurements

Stanley, John; Levinson, David M (2016)
Recognising that public transport services generally deliver substantial benefits for society but frequently require operating and capital funding support, this Workshop sought to find ways to bridge this benefit/funding ...

Population exposure to ultrafine particles: size-resolved and real-time models for highways

Zhu, Shanjiang; Marshall, Julian D; Levinson, David M (2016-09-14)
Prior research on ultrafine particles (UFP) emphasizes that concentrations are especially high on-highway, and that time on highways contribute disproportionately to total daily exposures. This study estimates individual ...

A random walk down Main Street

Levinson, David M (2016-08)
US suburbs have often been characterized by their relatively low walk accessibility compared to more urban environments, and US urban environments have been characterized by low walk accessibility compared to cities in ...

Intra-household Bargaining for School Trip Accompaniment of Children: A Group Decision Approach

Ermagun, Alireza; Levinson, David M (2016-08-01)
This paper tests a group decision-making model to examine the school travel behavior of students 6-18 years old in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area. The school trip information of 1,737 two-parent families with ...

Does poor road condition increase crashes?

Yokoo, Toshihiro; Levinson, David M; Marasteanu, Mihai (2016-08-01)
In a region well known for its severe weather, maintaining pavements to meet high standards remains a challenge. Changes in weather states (such as the freeze-thaw cycle) leads to distresses in the pavement materials. There ...

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