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Nature as Impression for Dao: A Theory of Spiritual Tourism Development in Da Nang Vietnam

Tran-Tuan, Hung (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2015)

Community – Agency Trust: Voyageurs National Park

Schertz, Joseph M.; Anderson, Dorothy H.; Thompson, Jerrilyn L. (2006)
Since establishment in 1975 local support for the park and the relationship of the park to it s local neighbors has been difficult. Community members and park administrators would like the relationship of the park to the ...

2005 Art Meander: Market Identification & Event Enhancement

Salk, Raintry J.; Schneider, Ingrid E.; Monson, Verna (University of Minnesota Tourism Center, 2005)
The purpose of this project was to assess visitor perceptions of the Meander and understand their interest in cultural/heritage travel.

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