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Extension Program Conference Posters 2014  [15]

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Minnesota Food Network Landscape

Bain, Jamie; Meisenhelter, Jesse; Harden, Noelle (University of Minnesota Extension, 2014-10)
Food networks are a growing trend in Minnesota and across the country. Food networks are a collaborative body consisting of food advocates in a region, which gather to generate collective impact around policy, systems, and ...

Pinning for Parent Education

Barnes, Jessica; Jastram, Hannah; Langworthy, Sara; Routh, Brianna (University of Minnesota Extension, 2014-10)
As more parents are using the Internet to answer their questions, Extension needs to provide practical, research-based resources in an accessible format online. Pinterest is a social content discovery and curation website ...

Engaging Natural Resource Volunteers: From Education to Action

Lorek Strauss, Andrea; Rager, Amy (University of Minnesota Extension, 2014-10)
Volunteers are an increasingly important tool in the outreach work of Extension, extending our reach to broader audiences. A number of ―master volunteer‖ programs have developed in recent years to meet the growing need for ...

Making Change: Redesigning a Program the ULAA Way

Rothstein, Lori; Stromme, Denise (University of Minnesota Extension, 2014-10)
In 2014, the U-Lead Advisory Academy (ULAA) went through a redesign process. The program was at a crossroads with an opportunity to look at other ways the program could be designed. This poster will highlight steps needed ...

Changing Adolescent Healthy Living Behavior Through Mentoring

Conway, Judith; Olson, Carrie Ann; Jeffers, Brent (University of Minnesota Extension, 2014-10)
Research has shown that quality mentoring programs have been associated with helping young people navigate through life‘s experiences and challenges. Over the last 20 years, obesity among young people has been on the rise ...

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